The Greater Beaches VFW Post 3270 highly recommends utilizing the Services of the Beaches Honor Guard. Please see their information below:
The Beaches Honor Guard was founded in June 1981 by Phillip Ness and nine other members of VFW Post 3270. First services were conducted out of a donated travel caravan and no fees were requested. All participants provided their own uniforms and military attachments. After the first service, they were given a donation of $10 to help "defray the cost of the gas to get there”. By 1983, they were performing around 25 services a year for their fallen brethren. In 1985, the Beaches Honor Guard became incorporated and became a non-profit organization under the auspices of the VFW. Since then, they have grown to a number of around 15 active members and perform around 65 to 80 services a year in the Jacksonville Beaches and surrounding areas. They also began a service that includes Flag Etiquette courses for the local elementary schools and any other civic groups who wish their instruction. In 1987, the City of Jacksonville Beach invited them to lead their "Beaches Opening Day Parade” and ever since, the BHG has proudly carried the Colors and Military Services flags at the head of each parade. When the Jacksonville National Veterans Cemetery was first announced as being a reality, the Beaches Honor Guard was the only Veterans group asked to be in attendance at every one of the planning sessions held prior to ground breaking. They have since been asked to perform services at the JNVC in the form of Full Military Honors, as well as providing a rifle squad in support of active duty personnel when requested to do so by the family of the deceased or by request of the military personnel when a military rifle squad is not available to do so. The BHG has also been in full attendance for the dedication of all 13 of the Fallen Heroes Memorial Services held at the local high schools honoring the alumni of that school who were killed in action defending our nation. Also, the BHG has had the privilege to provide rifles for the "Missing in America” program held two or three times a year at the JNVC during the internment of the unclaimed ashes of veterans found in area funeral homes. The current Bugler has sounded Taps at the annual "Wreaths Across America” ceremony at JNVC for the past five years.
The BHG has never charged for any service they have provided and never plan to do so in the future. All members are veterans of one of the branches of the U.S. military and volunteer their time and talents as often as they are able to do so. The BHG has grown in appreciation with the community and, as such, has been able to provide full uniforms (sans military insignia and medals, etc.) for each of its members and has been able, through various fundraisers and generous community donations, to purchase a 14-passenger bus capable of getting the troops and equipment to and from each and every service. Over the years, the BHG has seen many members come and go, some by having to leave due to health or moving from the area, and, sadly, some by having services provided by the BHG in their honor. The motto proudly displayed and upheld by the virtue of each and every member is, "Dedicated to the Last Roll Call.” 
Time is taking its toll, however. At this point, we are down to about 10 active and semi-active members who have been called upon to conduct these services. Most members are retirees, but some are still working, which limits their participation. We are in need of new members so that we may continue to provide these services to our fallen comrades and to the public. The only requirements are being a veteran of any of the Armed Services, and a desire to honor our veterans. We provide the three volleys using M-1 Garands modified for blank cartridges. The bugler has several instruments he uses (including two used by his predecessors), and, when conducting the Colors fold and presentation, a Roll Call and speech.
For further information, please contact John Poe, Executive Director, at (904) 294-4949.